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Transparency is King: Whether Giving or Receiving

The number one thing I get asked comes to me in two forms, but it’s the same question. ‘I haven’t heard of this before, how do I know this is real?’ and ‘How do I know this is not a Ponzi scheme?’ They are just two ways of saying, “I need assurance”. And they are both worthy questions. After…

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#1 Grant Blocking Factor: Operating Costs

  I am in the business of giving. Literally. I have a foundation, and it’s kind of what we do. In working with non-profits you get to hear a lot of stories that will make you more attentive to facts than you had been, and that’s the nature of working with other groups. My only question is this: When…

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“Would You Like to Add a Dollar?”

You have a business and you like to give. Then give, but be wary of the “add a dollar” for the giant, one big reason in the room: it distracts from what you do. How much does it cost you to get a customer in your door? How much does it cost to service that customer? Do you really…

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