Attention U.S. Business Owners!

You May Qualify to ELIMINATE 95% of your Credit Card Processing Fees in 2020!

Due to recent legislation, a NEW legally vetted Sharing The Creditâ„¢ program is now available in all 50 states. The program allows certain types of businesses to automate charitable giving by sending the bank's share of credit card processing fees to a charity organization you love.

We can also work with your business to eliminate up to 95% of your overall credit card processing fees through a cash discount program. This is great news! By eliminating your credit card processing fees, you can invest more in growth, scale your business and realize more profit. Lets see if you qualify...

(*** Note: If you qualify for the program there is no cost to sign up. ***)
(*** Note: Sharing The Credit Charitable giving in available in all 50 states. Cash discount benefits are not available in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, or Oklahoma. ***)

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