How To SAVE MONEY On Your CREDIT CARD PROCESSING... And Donate To Your Favorite Charity At The Same Time!

Do You Love To Save Money In Your Business? Do You Love to Support Charity? If So, Your In The Right Place!

​Reason #1:

Sharing The Credit will save you up to 1% on your current credit card fees in your business.

​Reason 2:

Through our IRS approved program, some of the funds that go to an already rich bank will be diverted to a charity you believe in.

​Reason 3:

Sharing The Credit will monitor your fees FOR YOU and ensure they don't begin to creep up on you.

The banks have enough money, help those who don’t. Give to a cause that you believe matters....

Don't worry, we've got your back! Watch the short video to learn a little more. Unless you hate saving your business money and hate supporting charity than there is no reason for you not to find out more.

Do you accept credit cards in your business? Did you know you are likely paying up to 1% more fees than you should be everytime a customer swipes a card? There are 3 reasons for you to at least get on a friendly call with one of our Sharing The Credit representatives to see how much we can save your business in 2020. The call is free and there is no obligation.

Sharing the Credit and Our Corporate Partners Provide

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Here are just a few of the checks that have went to support charity. These checks could be going to your favorite charity..