Meridian Foundation

Where running your business means supporting your community


The Meridian Foundation was founded by Meridian Merchant Services in 2011 to aid IRS recognized charities and not for profits 501c3s, to create a sustainable income stream, by providing a way for businesses that support them to redirect a portion of their merchant service credit card fees to fund their favorite IRS recognized worthy charity (501c3’s)… instead of funding a bank.

As a charity, this means you get increased sustainable regular funding from businesses that support you, without incurring any money raising or other costs…

As a business the diversion of fees is facilitated by Meridian Merchant services which becomes your credit and debit card services provider which then diverts your merchant fees to your chosen charity through its Meridian Foundation (IRS #45-3321239)

What this means is, that with no out of pocket or extra bottom line expense to you, the charity you support receives increased sustainable regular funding, while you receive the credit and goodwill for supporting a cause from which everyone benefits!

In other words, we show both businesses and non-profit groups how to support and raise funds at no cost, for great causes that help make our world a better place.

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