Sharing The Credit

Doing good is good business.

Whether accepting payments instore, online, or on-the-go, we have the right solution, no matter how your customer wants to pay.

Why Choose Us?

Redirect a portion of the fees you presently pay to a bank, to a worthwhile IRS recognized charity of your choice instead, with zero bottom line expense to you!

- Easy to use and easy to decipher reporting tools and statements
- Free monitoring & keeping rate creep down
- Free Automatic auditing and managing of account for correct fees
- Free Training

Significantly decreasing your processing costs

We have:

- No Activation, sign-up or Set up fees
- No Hidden fees
- No Machine lease fees
- No Cost or at cost terminals
- No Fees for hardware or at cost
- No Locked contracts. All contracts are open
- No Extra costs working with most POS terminal
- No Term contracts

Giving you round the clock service

Our help desk team is available 24/7/365, so that you can find the answers and support you need, on your schedule.

Immediate machine breakdown replacement – no having to send in present machine and wait for replacement.

Client Love

Thom G.

I had to be involved with this...As a business owner, I have been inspired and worked with numerous charities over the years. When I first learned about Will and his system for helping me to donate money that already came out of my business in fees, I had to get involved.It is such a good idea, I started taking him and his team into other businesses and charities and developed a whole side business of my own. Now I get a check every month for someone else's business donating to their charity.

Brett E.

The First Business We Ever Spoke to Is Still Donating!My grandfather worked for years to help build low cost housing for needy families. He established a charity in our community for that very reason and I have always been inspired by his work.When Will's team approached me to show how they could help businesses donate what would almost be free money to fund my grandfather's vision, I saw a chance to help him build. Now a couple of years later the first business that we ever spoke to is still donating, month after month, year after year. Thank you.

Ron S.

The staff at our non-profit works tirelessly in our community. As there is a growing need for our services, so there is also a need for more funding.
This system has helped create funding that comes in automatically. We introduced several businesses that supported us in the past, and now their giving is practically free.

This system takes a fee those businesses had no choice but to pay, and sends our charity a portion that has a direct impact on the lives of those we serve.

With thousands of dollars already paid out, the businesses are happy, and our non-profit is happy. I am very pleased with this program and would recommend it to any non-profit organization.

Curtis F.

I've have been in sales and consulting for a number of years. When a friend told me about what Will was doing, I had to see for myself. Once I saw the process I knew this was a winner. Now I get monthly checks rain or shine. No other work has ever done that for me.

Charlie D.

I take credit cards because it would be foolish not to. The fees can seem ridiculous and the statements unreadable. Will has helped us cut through all that and quite simply save us time and money. The fact that they donated (in my name) over $5,000 to one of my favorite charities is what makes me feel so good. I save money all while I donate substantially. It's just a very financially responsible feeling.

Matthew C.

Ministering to incarcerated people, a whopping 80% of the inmates that go through our program never see the inside of a jail again. Think about how that helps a community. Will, Mike, and their team help businesses donate money to us in a unique and painless manner that helps us do what we do. If we had only had them 10 years ago. Thanks so much.

Miranda M.

We have been working with Mike and Will since 2008, their support and help to our ministry has been enormous. When we started working with them, we didn't really know all that much about processing credit cards and how it could benefit us. We had an account, but it was poorly managed.

These guys came in showed us where we needed to change things, how we had been over paying and got us processing right. Their support and interest in our success has been a blessing.

Dan P.

In business you must take credit cards. What Will and his guys are doing is just so inspiring, why would I use anyone else? I refer to them, I have gotten to know them personally. They are the only ones who do what they do, and our community (and the world) is better for it.

GuideStar and BBB Rated.

With a Silver Seal of Transparency and an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau- Sharing The Credit is a name you trust.

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